Harry is the voice of Dance Hits America. Harry can be heard on radio stations around the world as well as in commercials, narrations, videos and in his spare time Harry is a tai chi instructor. Find out more at

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For the latest dance and custom mixes check out AJ McKay's online radio station.  Based in Louisville, KY  AJ has worked in clubs all over the world.  He is also a seasoned voice artist and expert audio producer. Find the listen live link on the homepage.

When a lot of radio broadcasters were getting interested in streaming Jeffrey T. Mason was building his own station.  Jeffro radio is commercial free and programmed by one of the creators of The Eighties Channel, Chicago's original all-80's station.  Find a listen live link on

For a excellent listing of events, restaurants and accomodations in our US home town check out Gay Desert Guide, your one stop for everything site.  You can also find discounts on popular restaurants to stretch your vacation dollars and check out the I Love Gay Palm Springs podcast for updated news on the community weekly.